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What do you have more than your own house of comfort? Family as soon as you open your eyes, another kind of peace! Wellness-illness is a part of physical life. Especially with the sick, the family often acts as a great medicine. We have come to your own house with services in case of illness. There is a “Home Hospital” next door to ensure full-time treatment and comfort in your own home. One of your telephones will collect samples from doctors, nurses, and various health tests to ensure the treatment of your disease from your home. “Home Hospital” is the name of the hospital that fills your house.

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Home Hospital BD doctor at home service provides expert care for you and your family that encompasses day-to-day healthcare needs as well as long term assistance.

Healthcare Executive (Nurse)

At home you can receive Home Hospital BD provide trained and skilled nursing services

Dentist & Physiotherapist

Home Hospital BD gets ready always to provide dentist and physiotherapist facilities for your home.

Sample Collection​

Home Hospital BD is equipped to send home health care providers, healthcare specialists and technicians to conduct investigations and collect lab samples from patients from within the comfort of their homes.

Medical & Surgical Equipment​

Home Hospital BD professional, medical equipment and expertise come home for continued compassionate care. Buy and rent Medical Equipment so your loved ones can stay in the comfort of home with the best equipment right by their side.

Pharmacy & Ambulance

You can take all kinds of emergency and necessary medicine at home & Soon our state-of-the-art ambulance service will reach your home.

CEO Message

Home Hospital BD is established December 01, 2020. During COVID19 Pandemic people are panic and afraid to go doctors Chamber & Hospital to take treatment in mild & moderate symptoms. At That time, we think to free people from their fear to take treatment at home. They can connect our social media page Home Hospital to make appointment for doctor’s nurse and other services. They can call also our help care number. We provided services within 1 hour if emergency. Otherwise we can make appointment according to their desire time. By these service people are happy. They can simply and easily taking our services. I think in future home hospital service will more popular and serve the people. Population and traffic increasing gradually. If they feel sick and if they think to go visit doctors, it takes time for travel and waiting time. But if they decide to go take service from Home Hospital, they can save time. So Home Hospital BD is the name of Patient responsibility. In future we think to add more service. People will receive our service more and more.
DR. Bidduth Barua
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Home Hospital Services 98%


Abdullah Al Abrar Ismom
Abdullah Al Abrar Ismom
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I had fever, vomiting, diarrhoea and cough. I supposed to admit on hospital. Suddenly my closest relative suggested me to visit home hospital. Honestly , during this covid situation their service is absolutely amazing. Specially Dr. Bidyut Borua , he is the best Dr. and his day night friendly service pleased me and my family. He worked for me more than I done for myself. I visited to hospital but they suggested me to fit canola and push saline while I could have my foods using my mouth. Dr. Bidyut Borua suggested me to do mine and he will do the rest. It actually happened . I am now way better than before Alhamdulillah. I couldn't walk and talk properly but now I can do my own works.. Still there are some to improve but the treatment helped me so much that I can say that I faced the death situation but I'm well now alhamdulillah. Thanks for the treatment. Your treatment is very much recommended specially in this covid situation.
Muhammad Abu Kaisere
Muhammad Abu Kaisere
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Alhamdulillah, by the infinite mercy of ALLAH (SWT), after a long period of suffering, I became “Corona Virus” negative. Bidduth Barua dada & His Home Hospital Team From the beginning he took charge of my treatment.Thank you from the bottom of my heart for healing me and bringing me back to where I was before. I make endless supplications to ALLAH (SWT).
Shamama Yamani
Shamama Yamani
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মা সকালে হঠাৎ প্রেসার বেড়ে গেল। প্রথম বারের মত Home Hospital এ ফোন দিলাম। এই কভিড এবং লক ডাউন এ কত বড় উপকার যে হলো ভাষায় প্রকাশ করার মত না। They are so professional. ফোন দিলাম সকাল ১০ টায়। ওনারা SMs এর মাধ্যমে appt time confirm করলেন এবং সময়মত বাসায় পৌঁছে গেলেন সকাল ১১:৩০। যাবতীয় চেক করলেন মাকে, prescription করে দিলেন। কাউনসেলিং করলেন । Commendable service Bidduth Barua sir and his team. Please keep it like this. Such a big support for the people of Chattogram. Really commendable particularly in this Covid situation and also always আমি কৃতজ্ঞ!
Hasan Akbar
Hasan Akbar
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মানুষের ভালোবাসার ঋণ বুঝি আর একজীবনে শোধ হলো না। চট্টগ্রামের করোনা চিকিৎসার মহানায়ক ডাক্তার বিদ্যুৎ বড়ুয়া দাদা সকালে নিজ থেকেই হোম হাসপাতাল টিম নিয়ে হাজির হলেন বাসায়। প্রেসার ডায়াবেটিস ইনসুলিন অক্সিজেন লেভেলসহ সবকিছু দেখলেন। খোঁজখবর নিলেন। খাওয় দাওয়া এবং রেস্টের ব্যাপারেও দিলেন বহু মূল্যবান পরামর্শ। কি করে অন্তর দিয়ে মানুষকে ভালোবাসা যায় তা যেন প্রতিদিনই শিখছি। আহা, আর কত শিখলে সত্যিকারের মানুষ হয়ে উঠবো আমি!!!!


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